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About Us

Company Goals

Our goals are simply to provide exceptional machining services to meet the customer specifications, while offering practical solutions, competitive pricing and on time delivery.



Honest, open communication with our customers and suppliers since established in nineteen hundred and eighty nine.



We believe our superior quality is achieved through employing the latest technology, advanced training and continual inspection.



On time delivery is the anchor that supports our reputation. We have great respect for our customer's tight production schedules. Delivery is our top priority.



We continually update and employ the latest and most advanced cutting edge technologies.



Customer service is our personal guarantee.



Our multi axis machines and highly skilled workforce we are able to offer an exceptional value at a competitive price.



Working as a team with our customers allows us to be extremely responsive when changes to production, product and delivery are required.


On behalf of the owners and employees of Absolute Turn Inc., We take great pride in supporting these values!

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